Southern California Signs Company

With our wide network and extensive experience, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to coordinate the fabrication and installation of almost any type or size of signs in the Southern California area. From simple storefront signs to high rise installations requiring a helicopter, let Southern California Signs find the right solution for your company.

Let us help you Understand Your Choices

With so many sign types and companies to choose from, you need an industry expert to help you understand the vast territory of signage options available to your business. We can explain all of your options, the difference in pricing, and quality aspects that effect the lifespan of various signage types. We will then coordinate the best manufacturing and installation companies that suit your specific situation in order to get your business up and running with a minimal of stress on your part. Making the right choices from the start, where you are establishing a lifelong visual presence and brand for your company is a critical aspect of your long-term businesses success. Don’t navigate the signage market alone, let us help.

Working with Companies of integrity

As lighting technology and techniques change at an exponential rate, not all companies are able to keep abreast with the most recent and efficacious solutions to their signage needs. Meeting our customer’s unique individual requirements is always our prime concern. We only work with companies that provide the finest of signage components and that have the most outstanding record of installation performance.

Business Owners

We are here to be your consultant, advocate and guidance partner to assist in connecting you with the best-suited manufacturer and installer for your signage needs. Whether your business is a mom and pop start-up, a franchise or a large national chain searching for a new a Southern California signs solution provider, let Southern California Signs connect you with the resources you need to get the job done right.

Types of Signs

Outdoor Signs

The first thing your potential customers see is your outdoor signage. A business without a sign is a sign of no business. Grab your customers' attention, inform them of your services, and inspire them to take action. Your choices are many and you could easily get lost trying to navigate the world of outdoor signage. Here we will introduce you to some of your options including channel letter Signs, pole & pylon signs, monument signs, masonry signs, cabinet signs, cloud signs, outdoor directional signs and more.

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Indoor Signs

Designing your office interior for a visual appearance that requires conformity?  Do you require a trade show booth or you need to promote a special event or sale? We help establish effective and highly visible indoor displays that may include information boards, safety signs, reception area branded signs, corporate images and logos in conference rooms, posters, acrylic award signs, window displays, way-finding signs, banner frames and stands, ADA compliant signs and more.

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Electronic Signs

A growing signage segment is digital, computer-controlled signs for both indoor and outdoor use.  For outdoor use, they are typically called electronic message centers (EMCs) or electronic message units (EMUs). They can be as small as a few feet wide to as large as a full size billboard. They come in many grade levels and LED millimeter (mm) sizes. For Indoor use, commercial grade LCD  monitors are connected to computers or media players and are used to display live action, remotely controlled and easily changable content.

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